Osbornville Baptist Church 

Brick, NJ


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Summer hours started June 18th ends Sept. 

Sunday Services for the summer start at 10:00 am


Osbornville Baptist Church welcomes you,

Please come and Join us for our Sunday Worship,

By: Pastor Fred Daugherty

† †    Our Goal    † †

† †  Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus, and  our Arms Around Each Other  † †






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AUG  27


at Nejecho Beach

8:00 AM


→Listen To AUG 13, 2017 Service←

Will be posted No later than 7:00 PM


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→→The Baptist, Jews, Holocaust Presentation

→→Mission Dinner with Joyce & David Reed

→→Coal 2017

Easter Photos

→→ Childrens Day Service Photos


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We are also affiliated with:                                  

American Baptist Church USA



                The Guide                   

        How to know what god wants in your life:

            Go to  the Lord to,

            Understanding His Principles,

            Investigate Your Options,

            Discuss it With Others,

            Express Your Freedom,


                   Pastor: Fred Daugherty    

 Organist: Karen Clinch

 Secretary: Pat Ballard

             Deacon:                                      Deaconness:

    Chair Person: John Loutraris         Chair person: Pat Ballard

        Steve Ballard                                  Jenna Pasino

        Paul Bowers                                    Donna Houman

                                                                      Evelyn Mulcahey


Secretary Hours:

     Fall Hours :                         Summer Hours:

    Monday - Friday                            Wed--Thur--Fri

        9am-12pm                                              9am-12pm

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Donation are accepted all year round.

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