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A Special Thank You

A Very Special Thank You to Judy Loustraris and Pat Ballard for the great job they did organizing our Thanksgiving Feast Lunch on Sunday. Also Thank You for the large number of workers who made it all possible.

It was a great time of food and fellowship with an excellent number of persons present. We do have much  to be Thankful for.

Pastor Fred, 11/20/2016

† From Pastor Fred & his Wife †

   Words can hardly express my deep appreciation for all the ways you expressed you appreciation as part of Pastor Appreciation Month. I have felt your love and appreciation in so many ways all the time I have been with you.

The Flowers, The money, The Lunch from the Silver Linings and every other expression is very deeply appreciated by Bobbi and Me. 11/06/2016

  We at Osbornville Baptist Church also had two great Special Events in the month of September and at this time.

We would love to give a Special Thank you by writing a little something for both Special Events.

Soup and Movie

 The members would like to thank Pastor Fred and his wife Bobbi for the wonderful Beef Soup and movie. The movie War Room touch everyone of us that stayed to watch in a diffrent way, by relating it to a situation in our life. This movie was perfect to what we have been learning this month in Worship and in Bible Study. Again Thank you both so much for the wonderfull Soup and for all that you and your wife do.God bless you.

Homeless Dinner

—— To all that helped with the Homeless Dinner by Setting up, Breaking down after wards, helped clean up, to the once in the kitchen or helped in any way all night, and to the once that dropped off an entree of food. Thank you very much for everyones help and by all of us comeing together and making this dinner possible the dinner was a success.

God Bless you all and all that you have done.