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Refund / Terms Agreement Policy:

You as the person donating or offering to the Church / Mission agree on the amount typed in the payment box. 

There is a $ 5.00 dollar minimum for an offering or donation. You as the giver can not offer or donate no less that $ 5.00 dollars. 

By you as the giver or payer agree to the Refund / Terms Agreement Policy when you click on the Summit Button on the personal information / credit card information screen. This will be your Signature for the Agreement to the Refund/ Terms Agreement Policy.

If you think you made a mistake on the amount of the Donation or Offering. We at Osbornville Baptist Church are gladly to give back all but a $10.00 dollar return fee in any situation.

Example below:

Putting in the wrong amount— You wanted $10.00 dollars and after your transaction you seen the amount was $100.00 dollars. You will get charged the $10.00 dollar return fee and get back $80.00 dollars minus $10.00 dollar Offering / Donation and $10.00 return fee.

Wanting a full refund is not posible.

If you wanted the Offering / Donation to go to a different Group than what was originally typed in, you can e-mail us and we will make sure that group will receive the Offering / Donation.

The credit card transaction are not saved. When the transaction is complete your information is no longer in the system on are end of the transaction. You will need to put your information in every time you Offer or Donate. 

AMEX card holding ( American Express ) There will be a processing fee percentage no greater than 3% any amount after $ 3,000 donation the percentage is more than 3%.  The percentage taken will effect the amount you are Offering / Donating to the group you have chosen.

The group will not get your full offer / donation they will get what is left over after the  processing fee percentage is take out. The fee is from American Express not Osbornville Baptist Church.

If you have any other concerns or issues please E-Mail us by going to the Contact page on are Web Site. obcnj.org. Someone will get back to you in a timely matter. 

Thank you all for your Offering / Donation and God Bless. 

Osbornville Baptist Church. 

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