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" Operation Christmas  Child has begun "


»»» Make a Donation to the Operation Christmas Child «««        

    Dead line November 5th, 2017

Wrapping Party November, 2017

 It is a wonderful way for a child to be happy for the holiday. Knowing you will change a childs way of thinking and bring there spirts up so they can look forward to the future is so heart warming.

It only takes one thing in this Shoe Box to change a child life forever for the better. They will have somthing everyday to remind themself  they can accomplish anything because Jesus loves them and someone in this world cares.

" Jesus Loves Me Yes I know, Because The Bible Tells Me So"  Well Not in this case these kids will be saying.                                         " Jesus Loves Me Yes I Know Because, My Shoe Box Tells Me So"  The best gift ever is a small bible. 

So just fill the Shoe Box and bring the box back to the church. No later than November 5th 2017 Sunday.

If you have any question and like to contact us regarding Operation Christmas Child please call or Email us. 


              Instructions The First Step:

You can come to Osbornville Baptist Church on Sunday between the hours 10:30 - 11:00 before worship. While you are there join us for are Worship Services. You can also come between the hours 12:00 - 12:30 after Sunday worship. 

Another way is to contact a Missionary by e-mailing us your information Click here or calling and we will get back to you as soon as posible. 

When you pick up your box you will be given all the information you need to help give a child a big smile on there face for chritmas and for the rest of there life. 


                         The Joy: 

Come pick up a shoe box as soon as you touch one of these boxes. The feeling of happyness and joy will hit you right away. Knowing you will be giving one of the children a gift of a life time is wonderful. 

The Shoe Box can be filled with so many things, joy, love, a personal letter to the child and much more. Just remember you are Santa Clause for this child. We will be sending the boxes.

There will be a list of things given to you at the time you pick up your box. This list will have more Ideas and this that can not go into the box. 

There are diffrent age groups to choose from.