Osbornville Baptist Church 

Brick, NJ


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†   Mission/ Missionary   †

—Head Person is – Rose Ferguson—

                                               Betty Hoebel, Donna Houman, Marge Bertino, Ken Ferguson                                                                                                                                                                     


  † Mission Statement †

Growing in Christ,

Loving Like Christ,

Serving in the name of Christ.


 There are Four Offerings throughout the year

OctoberWorld Mission offering ( foreign missions overseas ) »»more info

January—MMBB Retired Minister Offering

MarchAmerica For Christ  Ends May 14, 2017 »»»more info

July— One Great Hour of Sharing ( for national disasters in the USA )

From Operation Christmas Child Mission Photo. More Photos click here


The Missionary Events ♦♦♦

David and Joyce Reed: Dinner Photos 2017


The speakers David & Joyce Reed, who serve in their new role as regional IM missionaries working alongside local Baptist partners throughout Iberoamerica and the Caribbean.The focus on Spiritual Renewal,Formations and Vocational calling. They also mentor young people who sense a call to ministry. Joyce and David had traveled to Cuba to encourage Baptist in Havana, Joyce went to Nicaragua to brainstorm with other missionary colleagues about project for women and children at risk. To learn more of David and Joyces Missions come to the dinner and enjoy there stories.