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The Church Mouse is a monthly publication

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Fred Daugherty, Pastor   ♦   Pat Ballard, Editor

Up Coming Events                                                        Past Events and Thank You


On Sunday we launched our fall Stewardship Campaign. The theme, “Working Together---Celebrating God’s Good Gifts”

As we look at total stewardship, these gifts come in three areas, Time, Talent and Treasure.

I am deeply grateful for this congregation and the many people who use these three gifts in the ministry of the Osbornville Baptist Church.

For this fall Campaign we will be looking specifically how we share the Gift of Treasure (Money) that God has blessed us with. We rejoice in the good response to the Air Conditioning Campaign. However, that must not take away from our support of the ongoing ministry of this church.

When it comes to our finances we have choices. We can squander them on things that do no matter in the “long run”, things that do not count for eternity. We can hoard…. waiting for the “rainy day” that may or may not come. We can choose to be “stingy” refusing to share this gift God has given. Or we can choose to be GENEROUS giving freely and with gratitude of what God has given us.

As we approach 2018 we face exciting new opportunities. Among them is the probability of having a new permanent pastor.  For us to be in a strong position in discovering the person God has prepared for us we need to be Generous in our giving. The bible makes it clear that those who God calls to lead His church are to be paid.

          “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. The laborer deserves to be paid” 1 Timothy 5:17-18

The question is never, how much does the church need? The important question for us to answer is, in light of how God has blessed me, how much do I need to give to Him thru my church??

We will be asking you to make you response to that on November 19. Between now and then be praying for God to show you what your response will be.

 Pastor Fred,


 †† A few things that we did last month ††   

         Our annual harvest party for the children was on Oct 28 with hay rides, pumpkin painting, face painting, games, snacks and other festive activities.  All the children big and small had a great time.  Some of our brave adults allowed the children to paint their faces.

Big thank you to all that helped make this a success.

 Following the harvest party, we had our annual bonfire starting at 6:00 pm. We had burgers, hot dogs, soda, hot chocolate and chips.  Approximately 50 people joined in the fun.  Thank you to all that rolled upped their sleeves and helped.  Special thanks to Fred Hoebel and John Loutraris for manning the grills. They were very busy and did an excellent job.


 We had the Quarterly Business Meeting on Oct 29, which went well.  At the luncheon prior we honored Pastor Fred for Pastor Appreciation month.


 We have been and will continue to have the soup kitchen serving lunches on Tuesday and Thursdays 11:00 am to 1200 pm.


† † Some dates and activities that will be comign up † †


On November 11, the Silver Linings will be having their wrap party, for Operation Christmas Child.  Starting at 12:00 pm downstairs in fellowship hall.


November 19th is Consecration Sunday and also our Thanksgiving Feast following morning service at 12:30 pm.  Reservations need to be made, speak with Pat Ballard office number 732-477-0324.


Organized by the Brick Clergy Association on November 19th there will be an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service.  It is being held this year at the Brick Presbyterian Church, 111 Drum Point Road, Brick starting at 4:00 pm.  Please bring nonperishable food items for donations.


Peaking at November:

 Silver Linings will be having the wrap party for Operation Christmas Child on November 11th at 12:00 pm in fellowship hall.

 Our Thanksgiving Feast will be November 19th, immediately following service.


 † † Some events that may be of interest † †

Adult Bible Study---- 

          1. There will be a morning group meeting at the church at 10:00  a.m. on                             Wednesday mornings.The pastor will be leading this. We will begin on                             Wednesday, September 20. We will begin with a study of the book of Jonah.                   The group will have input on studies that follow.

          2. There will be a group meeting on Wednesday evenings at the church. We will                 meet at 7:00, our usual time and like the morning group will begin with a study               of the Book of Jonah.

          3. There will be a third opportunity. Joe and Kristi Loutraris have agreed to host                   and lead a group that will meet in their home. Some of you ask for this and I                   thank God for their willingness to host and lead such a group. No study topic                   has yet been chosen. This group will most likely meet on Tuesday evenings                   and will begin around October 3.

    Let’s study and grow together and prepare ourselves for the future God has for us.


Our Bowlers------ First night was Sept. 7, 2017

Public is welcome to join. This is not a sanction league

every Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM location is at Ocean Lanes on Rt 88, in Lakewood. You can join at any time


Children’s Choir Group--- 

meets on Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM pm here at the church.  Open to all so if you have children, grand children and even friends or neighbors it is a great time for the children.  Their last night will be in June and they will pick up again in September.


Adult Choir Group-----

Meet every Wednesday starting Sept. 20, 20017 @ 8:00 PM


The Silver Linings----

 meet on the first Saturday of the month at 12:00 pm.  They also enjoy going to different restaurants and doing different activities on the third Saturday of the month.  They are the 50 and up group and they seem to be doing and having a lot of fun. Come and join in. For information call 732-477-0324.


Our MenBreakfast----

 continue to have their Fellowship Breakfast; they meet at the Brick Diner, on the second Saturday of the month at 8 am.  The ladies are now joining the men so come have some breakfast and great fellowship.

The plan of Salvation is seldom heard

But, forgiveness of sin, so full and free

Is found in the Bible, not on T.V.

 “Working Together — Celebrating God’s Good Gifts”

 We are currently involved in our annual stewardship emphasis, “Working Together — Celebrating God’s Good Gifts.”

 Stewardship has been likened to a three-legged stool. Total stewardship consists of the “three Ts” — time, talents and treasure. Remove any one of the three, and stewardship in an individual life, in a family and in a church like ours is severely weakened and undermined.

 Underlying this analogy and our use of time, talents and treasure is the clear teaching of Scripture: God owns it all! Repeatedly the Bible emphasizes God’s ownership of everything and our role as managers and stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

 As you consider the time, talents and treasure God has given to you, please remember that we are “working Together — Celebrating God’s good gifts.” You might want to pray this prayer: “Lord, as you provide, by faith, this is how I intend to give.” As we step out by faith, working together and trusting God to provide, it will be absolutely amazing to watch God bless our efforts more than we might ask or even think (Ephesians 3:20).

 Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and to the ministry of Osbornville Baptist Church. Thank you for your consistency in giving of your time, talents and treasure to the work of the Lord here. And thank you for what you are going to do in the future in celebration of God’s good gifts!

  . . . we are God’s servants, working together.“

 Copyright Kenneth L. Williams

Used by permission

Stewardship  Campaign 2017



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