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†  America For Christ  †   

What is the America for Christ Offering?

This annual offering supports the work of the America Baptist Home Mission Societies serving congregations and communities, transforming people, and establishing ministries of justice throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

What are the roots of American Baptist Mission Societies?

The ABHMS was established in New York City in 1832 to preach the gospel, build new churches among the unchurched and destitute.  In that same year, 50 missionaries were sent out  across the eastern and central United States to spread God’s word planting churches, schools and speaking out for economic justice.  Over the next century missionaries founded institutions of higher education, \helped negotiate treaties favorable to the Native Americans, ministered to Japanese Americans in internment camps, built homes for more than 100,000 refugees, and trained missionaries to serve throughout the United States.

What does ABHMS do today?

Today AMHMS continues its work answering God’s call to live out the Christian faith.  Missionaries of all types –pastors and lay leader, chaplains and pastoral counselors, refugee sponsors, directors of neighborhood action programs, new church planters partner with ABHMS to minister to those in need physically, emotionally, financially  and spiritually.  These missionaries bring hope to families struggling with poverty, senior citizens suffering loneliness and illness, children and youth needing mentors and guidance, prisoners trying to reenter society, and immigrants and refugees striving to fit into a new culture.

How can we support ABHMS?

Through the America for Christ Offering you can see God’ grace at work in communities in  our country. So please give generously this year and help support the home missions that are transforming lives and making a difference.  Thank you.